1. SSRIs


Loving you’s like the woman at the register
Reading my prescription aloud at the CVS
Feel the weight of her words and the brown paper bag
As I greet the sliding doors with indifference

Tell myself I’m fine, oh then why
Do I get scared she’ll call out my prescription
A little too loudly
So the person behind me might hear it
But I’m fine
Drown it out with water and a white lie
And if I told your friends what you did
I know they would be on my side
But I’d rather take your paper bag anonymously
And stick with the SSRIs

And I’m ashamed that I need these little capsules
Just to get me through the day
And I’m dependent on you
Like these chemicals wired into my brain

And I won’t tell my friends
Cause they’d tell me to leave you
But I’m too codependent
So I keep it all quiet
Throw out out the receipt
Cause I’m just too embarrassed
That I need him
That I’m addicted to his serotonin
So I don’t give them the chance to be worried
Cause I’m worried that their worries will be justified
So I’ll carry your burdens and strifes
And I’ll stick with the SSRIs